The shop

Shopping on BIGSPIRITS is completely simple: in the left column you find different categories of products. Click on one of the categories, in order to get into the respective range. You receive a listing of all articles, which are in the category. Click on an article, in order to get details about it. In the detail image you receive a lot of useful information about the article. Apart from general descriptions to the product you find frequently also a tasting note of the expert and feedback of other customers, who already ordered the product. In addition you find some articles as recommendation, which were often ordered by persons, who ordered also the same article, which you are regarding right now. To put an article into the "shopping cart" , meaning to note for the sale, please click on the field " Add to cart". If you want to put more than one piece into the shopping cart, you can change the number in the field "piece(s)" before (standard is " 1").

The Shopping Cart

On the top right you always find a box with the heading "Shopping Cart". With this box it is indicated to you how many articles are in the shopping cart at present. If you click this box, you get into the detailed listing of all articles in the shopping cart. Even if you put a new article into the shopping cart, you will get into that image. You see, which articles and/or how many units of it are in your shopping cart. In addition you see a list, which shows you the single price of each article as well as the total sum of all products you have put into the shopping cart. Additionally the shipping costs are indicated to you. If you are not registered or logged in yet, we do not know, to which country you want to have delivered the goods. So you can find a field in your shopping cart, where you can select the supplier country. As soon as you change the supplier country, the shipping costs are adapted and so you know immediately the actual amount of them.

Further you find articles in the shopping cart, which we offer to you as suitable additional articles. If you want you can put one of the additional offers into the shopping cart. As long as you don't do that however, these additional articles are not added the order offer.


In the right above column you find the field "Checkout". Click on this field, if you have already put all articles into the shopping cart, which would like to buy.

If you are not logged in yet, the next step is the selection whether you want to log in or register as new client. Please log in with your user data or click on register, if you are not already a customer of us.

After you have successfully logged in or registered, you find the selection of the payment methods. Please select that payment method, which approves to you at most.

The next step is the examination of the order data. All articles reserved to the order by you are indicated to you again, as well as the costs of goods and dispatch. In addition you see the postal address and the selected payment method. At each of these data you find a field with the label "change". If an indication should not be correct, please click on the respective "change" - field. If all your data are correct, please click please on " Checkout". Please note that your order becomes obligatory with this step.

In the last step the payment of the order takes place. Depending on the selected payment method this step looks differently.

After the payment you receive a summary of your order, which is also dispatched to you by email.


If you are not already a customer of us, please click on "Register" in order to register as new client at BIGSPIRITS. If you already registered at us as a customer, please "Login" with your access data. In addition simply enter your user name, which you selected during the registration, and your password. If you should not know your access data any longer, please click please on "Forgot your password?". After that you are requested to indicate your user name and your email address, so that we can send you a new password. Even if you should not be able to find out your access data with this way, please apply to our support .