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In our webshop we make payment methods available, which meet also strict safety requirements in the internet.

We believe the fact that the internet as online market place is the medium of the future and therefore we would like to contribute to reduce the distrust in online shopping. As the security of your online purchases is very important matter for us, we appreciate to have transparent guidelines and inform you how we do secure our webshop against abusive use of sensitive data.

As a consequence of our safety effort we can't offer you all payment possibilities, which compete on the market at the moment.

Protection of your data by SSL-coding:

We use 256 bits SSL-coding of the websides, which is involved with the transmission of the payment data. In order to protect your payment data (credit card number, pin, passwords etc.) during the transmission, we met safety precautions. Your data is conveyed with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) coding in the coding strength by 256 bits. With this technical procedure we can protect your data against abuse, unauthorized access as well as disclosure, loss, manipulation or deletion. If a webside is coded or not, you can see at the safety lock either in the status line of the browser and/or in the URL input field.

The SSL-report creates safe connections under three criteria:

  1. The connection is private, because the contents are all coded.
  2. The identity of the server is guaranteed, meaning the internet-surfer has the certitude that the requested webside, which is represented in its browser really comes from the server, of which the webside is requested.
  3. Effectfull algorithms examine whether the data achieves their respective receiver completely and invariably.