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Youth Protection

Alcohol and BIGSPIRITS

Of course you will find alcoholic drinks on BIGSPIRITS mainly. But the offered products in our shops are meant for enjoying. The consumption of alcohol should never be the center of attention. Experientially our customers are knowing exactly the same and they really appreciate the products offered by BIGSPIRITS particularly because of the high culinary value. Nevertheless we point out that a chronic consumption of alcohol brings just as large danger with itself as excessive consumption of alcohol. Please deal always responsibly with your body and your life.

Please note that you must have achieved the legal minimum age for the consumption of liquor, in order to be able to order with BIGSPIRITS alcoholic beverages. That is valid also for less alcoholic products such as alcopops and wines.

Please do not try to order alcoholic beverages on BIGSPIRITS under falsified personal data.

We appeal also to our customers of age never to hand out alcoholic beverages to persons under age. We presuppose responsibility and sole responsibility in appropriate measure at our customers.

The minimum age for the purchase on BIGSPIRITS is 18 years. However there are regulations in individual countries, which regulate a higher minimum age by law. So customers from the following Scandinavian countries must be at least 20 years old, in order to be allowed to buy on BIGSPIRITS: Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Customers from Canada must be at least 19 years old and customers from the U.S.A. at least 21 years.